Nurse Sneaks Into Patient’s Room, Seconds Later Camera Catches Her True Colors [Video]

Very often we take people for granted, and we only realize the importance of someone whether when we lose them or when we understand how huge is the role they play in our life. An example of people who I believe are somehow underappreciated are the nurses. We often fail to realize how important they are for the health care system and for us as patients. Besides being the doctors’ most trusted assistants, they are advocates, caregivers, and supporters. With all the bad things happening in the world, stumbling upon a story about offering kindness restores our fate in humanity.

The following story is about a nurse, who did something amazing for a lady that was going through the last days of her life.

Jeremiah’s grandmother was staying at the hospital, and unfortunately, her condition couldn’t improve so they were told she would soon pass . He spent most of his time by her side because he was aware those were the last days he could spend next to his lovely granny.

The old lady was bedridden and needed help with everything. And the person providing that help besides Jeremiah was the lovely nurse named Isabelle.

The nurse’s job was to do for the grandma only the things she was responsible for, but that wasn’t the case. What the nurse did for the patient was so emotional and heartwarming that Jeremiah had to share it with everyone.

Once Isabelle understood that Helen, the grandma, didn’t have much time left, she decided to sneak in her room and do something that left the family speechless.

When she approached the old lady, she stood by her bed, took her arm, and started singing to her. Nobody could believe a person could have such an angelic voice. It was the most emotional moment they witnessed in their life. They were all happy and grateful because the nurse took the time to make Helen’s days special. And she didn’t stop there, even when she had a day off she would find the time to visit Jeremiah’s grandma.

People who watched the amazing video of the compassionate nurse, praise the young lady for her action, and someone commented, “It’s not easy to be strong when someone is weak.” Another person added, “The world would be better if we had more people like her” and we totally agree.

Take a look at the emotional moment the nurse and her patient share.

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