Unfaithful Girlfriend Sends Apology Letter, Ex-boyfriend Sends It Back Graded, Using Red Pen

Some may, think this is petty, or you might think it’s brilliant. Either way, you’ll get a kick out of the markup one man did to an apology letter he received from his ex girlfriend. 

When a relationship ends due to someone ch-eating, the chance that anything positive happening between the two again is pretty slim. . Often times, you hear stories of the offending party reaching out, usually begging for forgiveness.

Denying they ever loved anyone else, and all the nonsense you’d expect from someone who ch-eated while in a committed relationship. Whether it be text, tweet, a message, or phone call, it never works, and almost always finds its way to the internet, just like the letter a college student named Nick Lutz got from his ex-girlfriend did. 

Nick took a red pen to this letter from his ex and used it to deliver one b-urn after anotherHis first cr-iticisms were of the format rather than the content of her letter.

Though he definitely made note of her lack of citations for what it was she repeatedly state she felt guilty of Repeating statements to up the word count clearly isn’t a strategy Nick falls for.

And the final grade, with a chance to score a few extra pointsHe posted it to Twitter to share with friends, but it didn’t take long for those who have been wronged themselves in the past to make Nick’s tweet go viral. 

One person pointed out that he missed something when grading the paper.

Any many shared their favorite correction

What do you think?

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